Colored pencil, ink, Photoshop finish.

My clinical diagnoses is a mix of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. This is unpleasant stew that comes with a lot of nightmares, some so vivid they border on hallucination. The combination could make for an endless string of hopeless nights, unless, like me, you love monsters. While my brain works overtime at being a grade-A asshole while I sleep, it sometimes supplies with me astonishing imagery that I process using art.

I grew up watching Godzilla movies, sketching monsters of my own, and reading Forrest Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland. It’s been fun to re-engage with that boy, who faced some very real monsters but managed to make it to the end of the second reel. I might even try to create a posable model of this one and make a stop-action film in the tradition of some of my heroes like Ray Harryhausen and Stan Winston. I think I would have loved working in special effects, and The Stan Winston School of Character Arts offers some great classes on creature creation.

‘Chaos Leviathan’ – Joseph O’Meara-2022

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