With the COVID 19 pandemic, work groups, teams, students, families, and friends are experiencing a staggering loss of community and connection.

Dungeons & Dragons is a great way to offset the isolation and provides people a way to connect with others while getting a much-needed dose of fun and adventure!

The game itself has been a staple of geek culture for decades, and I first started playing in high school because I had no aptitude for sports. D&D’s recent appearance in shows like Stranger Things has seen a surge in people joining in on the fun and setting off on their own fantasy adventures.

Let’s be honest: roleplaying as “Susan from HR” is a lot less fun than playing as “Susan the Elven Warrior.”

Some members of your team may feel more comfortable approaching problems boldly through a character that’s not them, and no idea is too wild when it comes to taking on an Ancient Red Dragon! D&D is a safe environment to test theories, develop stronger team cohesiveness through working together, and learn about your team dynamics while having fun at the same time.

As a professional Dungeon Master, I have extensive experience immersing players in action-packed stories that catalyze creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.


Games are run online using the virtual gameplay site Roll 20 and Google Meet. Players receive links in advance along with introductory information about the campaign.

Online Private Events: $300 per event

  • Flat rate for parties of 3-6 players. Newcomers and veterans welcome!
  • Sessions typically last 3-4 hours
  • Character creation and game instruction provided

Weekly Public Campaign: $40 per player/session

  • Flat rate for individuals. Newcomers and veterans also welcome!
  • Sessions typically last 3-4 hours
  • Character creation and game instruction provided

Custom Corporate Campaigns: Price varies

A Custom Corporate Campaign is an original adventure written and designed specifically for your group that addresses real-life challenges or opportunities faced by the team.

This type of experience can be very effective in helping teams that are blocked by an issue, experiencing conflict, or struggling with a difficult organizational change. Taking your team out of their own lives and proxying them for characters subconsciously forces individuals to view things from a different perspective.

I work with you to get a deep understanding of what types of challenges, conflicts, and puzzles the team is confronted with, then write an original story and design a game that gives the players opportunities to work together in meeting those challenges.