• Watercolor
  • Ink
  • 3D adhesive squares; glue; tape;
  • Scissors
  • 3×5 index card

This is another piece I did for the index card daily challenge. The prompt was ‘key,’ so I went with a digital cybersecurity theme and did some cut-and-paste work to create a 3-D cyberspace feel. I actually started with a flat version, but made a mess of it by overworking the paint. I got frustrated, and after telling myself to just let it go, proceeded to not let it go. I cut the whole thing apart into blocks of data then used tape to raise them to different depths on the card.

The tape was tricky to work with, so I asked my much-more talented wife if she had a solution, and of-course she did. She pointed me to these cool 3D adhesive squares that helped me get the effect I wanted.

Sometimes creativity isn’t as fun as folks think it is. I was very happy with the end result, but had to stare down the perfectionist again in order to get there. It was fun to do some simple hand assembly work as it reminded me of being a kid, back before getting things ‘right’ was important.


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